May I help you…

Thank-you Guests! It is understood that I reserve all rights to my work. Most of my paintings are Alla Prima originals. I have privately studied under Fred Choate (Plein Aire & Murals) since Mar 2007, and consider myself an apprentice. So you may see one of my interpretations of Fred’s designs here. If you prefer his style, I encourage you to give him a call. His version may not be posted. So please refer to a painting from Rog’s blog, to alleviate his surprise.

My desire is for you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest; while viewing these paintings. If you feel like sipping Leinenkuegals, Urquel, Chimay, Lambic Framboise, Rolling Rock, Rocky Scotch, Gin & Tonic, Chardonay, Pinot Noir, Earl Grey Tea, Sumatran Dark Machiato, Lemonade, or Ice Water; by all means, enjoy!

…rog lyngaas, boise, idaho, usa, terra firma, home of unified verse and now utter chaos!


4 Responses to “May I help you…”

  1. Rog.
    Your website is really wonderful. Your commentary is interesting. I love that you show all the other works from the paintouts and shows.
    Did you photograph your own work? It it great. You paintings look wonderful. I like the opening page very much.
    Very professional looking–good job!!!

  2. Craig and Bonnie Says:


    We really like your work. Very impressive. See you in Madison.

    Craig and Bonnie

  3. Dave Otis Says:


    Nice work. So you’re in Boise now? Come visit us in Oregon!

    Dave 🙂

  4. Hey Rog,

    I’ve been looking at your blog more closely today (I should be working!). I am really impressed and had no idea. I like what you wrote about growing up in Madison and the beauty that surrounded us.


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