Easter Island

“City of Rocks (after Gordan Hardcastle)”, 12×24 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 4mar08, using choate7 non-toxic palette.

In January 2008, I believe the Idaho Landscape Photographer, Gordan Hardcastle of Rupert Idaho, won a national award for his panoramic photo of the City of Rocks at sunset. It is one of the most stunning photos you may ever want to see. Click on his name to visit his website. This painting is a tribute and interpretation of his beautiful award winning photograph; shown below.

Easter Island has more to do with Idaho than most realize. When one visits the rock climbing mecca in south central Idaho called “City of Rocks”, a question is asked. How did these big abstract rocks get here? The question is similiar to the query provided by the first european explorers of Easter Island. The difference lies in the fact that the Island rocks were huge abstract carved heads. Both Idaho and Easter Island have unique cultural and geographical histories, that are not bland. They are “snappy” potatoe salads as opposed to those “dull” potato salads that most people eat.

My point? Life can be exciting if we find the right spice for our tastebuds. Fred Choate, became excited when he realized that he too has stood on this very hillside that the photo was taken from.


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