Reptillians in our Mist

“Reptillian Troll”, 12×9 oil on loose canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 6feb06, using 12 paint non-toxic palette.

Suprising? This happens to be the second painting I ever executed. The 1st one exists on my 2007 Idaho State Fair page. That is right; internally, I am an abstract artist! Let me expain; with no training what so ever, but the desire to learn. I started out with a large exhale of … of … whatever. I guess we all have to exhale sometime.

Regardless of whether you or I believe in the Coast2Coast radio show hog wash about some humans not being human but actually being some sort of “Reptillian”; half man and half cold blooded, skin chilling beast. From the spiritual sense, it is an interesting concept. I wonder if that is where the thought of Trolls originated from. We can meditate philosophy on this all we want. All I know is… they taste like chicken.

Happy Father’s day! And let’s hope your dad does not look like this before coffee in the morn.


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