“Oasis”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, By Rog Lyngaas, 17jun08, using choate7 non-toxic palette with cool blue being prussian blue [instead of ultramarine].

An Oasis usually is considered a spring fed area in the middle of the desert. People and their entourage become replenished by the water, fruit, and vegetables available in an Oasis. I just painted this, but I post it now because it seems like a good companion piece to “About to be Refilled”.

Some of the people who live where I live [Boise, Idaho] consider it their Oasis. In fact the story about the French Calvary, lost in the desert, crawling, hungry without water — crying water, water, water; is true. It is how Boise got its name.

The palette used in this painting is quite unique. Only 2 of my standard 7 pigments were used in this. It still used the double primary method, but the big difference is Prussian Blue is the “Cool Blue”, instead of Ultramarine.


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