Saint Bovine

“Setting for the Temptation of Saint Bovine”, after Choate, 14×18 oil on canvas, 17jul07, using choate7 non-toxic palette.

Do cows care where they wander, as they munch away? In the open range, like in much of Idaho, they can be found anywhere. As far as I can see, half the enjoyment of being a cowboy; is figuring out where the cows have gotten themselves. I believe that as herdsmen age, they decide they “are over it!” and build fences to make it easier to find their cattle. Via observation, cows only care about where their water is and if the grass is plenty nearby. Therefore the border of the fence and the crossing of it; is about all that can be considered “temptation” and “sin” for a cow.

In India, in the Hindu areas, cows are considered sacred. They are allowed to roam freely, unencumbered by their normal limitations imposed upon them. To control or to fence a cow in; would thus be considered a lack of respect; creating “temptation” upon the cow to cross the fence. Following this logic, man creates sin by just fencing in their cows.

I may not have a point in this rambling. But, do you fence in your cows?


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