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Lucid Sight

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“Lucid Set”, 8×10 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 29jul08, using X1 palette.

There is a point when the sun sets in the evening where one can see clearly as if in a dream. When the sun rises in the morn this dream also occurs, just in a different direction. This lucidity causes peace in one’s heart; perhaps world peace, in my humble opinion. Which direction are you looking?


Northern Pike Waters

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“Fisk Kamp Shore”, oil on 9×12 canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 21jul08, using X1 palette.

This scene reminds me of the fish camps in northern Ontario and northern Wisconsin.  In summer you can fish for and live on Walleyed and Northern Pike.  There the lakes can be so still, clear, and beautiful you may believe the dream.

Upon placid water is lain fisk line into depths of flourescent seaweed. A Dardevelet tumbles down with it’s three prongs waiting their use. Areeling in a 2 second pull with a 5 second reel; it takes calm, silence, and patience. Is it the red and white stripe of it’s convex side or silver of the concave side seen? It twirls back and forth tricking tricky eyes to see double; with vibrating fin action. Sudden test of reel drag alerts the man that his Molsen will now fall into water as he relishes to hold his wrist tight to keep the tip up. Now the three prongs are one, for two have broken off from gnashing of teeth. If these teeth swallow ducks whole, surely a hook may be devoured via breath. But the 2 pound test line holds as the reel drag passes the test, because man held the rod tip up and his wrist tight; as the bottle gently slipped into the depths pouring out golden Molsen nectar, blessing the sea. Two sets of teeth gnash now as the man grips hard and the formally lit cigar now falls into water that needs nutrients as such. Line strips off reel quickly as a run ensues. Deeper goes the pike and now under the boat. With the tip still up the man wonders what has happened as the line goes limp. Gathering senses he gathers line quickly only to feel the sudden tug and straight shot to the air, the glory, the jump of flailing back fin dancing upon water. It is the man’s dream fight, he is fighting a water dancer. Will fisk find escape, or will man will it’s capture? Line is limp again as fisk stretches man’s imaginative boundaries — his lucid dreams are now real and what has happened to his trophy? Oh it’s their in the depths, diving under the boat once more, only this time to realize which side of the boat has the motor. Man feels the turn as fisk aims to breakoff the line of fight by spinning round outboard’s prop. But installed upon this motor mount is a quick release, so decisive man executes his loss prevention program.  Now the engine splashes to the deep. This lake needs more minerals he thinks as he knows now that he has outsmarted the smart one, the fisk of the century. So fisk drives towards the now missing motor for another run now to the cold springs of his home. Saying “I don’t care” like the man; fisk drives a longer yet slower run — further than before, where is he going? The tightness of the line lessens and the man gently reels in a now tired log of fisk towards his prop-less boat. Exhausted fisk rises to water’s surface showing his size yet hiding his strength. “You win”, fisk says as he approaches now 50 feet away. Man is smarter than this gesture though, as he opens his knife to cut anchor cord. Once long ago this fisk broke off on the anchor cord after the fight was basically over and man will not live with that same regret again. For it is a 20 pound wonder that is his fisk reward; his heart’s desire. Man turns his head to find large net. Never used till now, it has waited for this occasion, patiently rotting away. His son sees this look, and helping father he grabs the net ready to swirl it round dad’s trophy dream. Fisk has arrived to starboard side; son swirls and lifts net as father holds tip up. There lain upon the boat deck is the 20 pound wonder fisk, 4 feet of snake and one foot of teeth. Man says “grab him!” Son looks at the teeth in awe, starring at what will bite him good. Seeing that fear, man drops pole, to join it’s friends the anchor, the motor, the cigar, and the beer — and lunges for the fish which flips once to avoid the grasp, twice to dance upon the deck, and thrice to flip o’er boat’s edge. Splash and its over; for there is no pole to grasp now, no line to reel in. There the two are, up the lake without a motor. Only oars for the 5 mile return trip. And the lake now returns to silent lucidity; where dreams live.

Choate7 Palette

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The Choate7 Palette is a double primary that has Cadmium warm colors and transparent cool colors. The Cadmium Lemon in the picture could also be Cadmium Yellow light if you so choose. It uses all Winton brand colors; including the white which is supposed to be Soft Mixing White. Of course “renegade Rog” uses Weber’s Permalba white…. which technically is a similiar white mixture of PW6 and PW4.

The Choate7 non-toxic palette replaces all the cadmium based colors with their equivalent hues. Keep in mind the Viridian remains true Viridian and not a phthalo-green based hue. Most of the paintings you have seen on my blog so far have used the Choate7 non-toxic palette.

So now you know… if you care.

Natural Flood == Dirty Wash

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“River Wash”, 16×20 Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 31mar08 & 15jul08, using X1 palette.

This is my second painting that is a rework of a scrapped alla prima painting. In the rework, as before, it is done all at once — so you could call this a double alla prima painting; eh, maybe not.

Every year, during the spring, creeks of Idaho swell with snow melt. This natural flooding is normal and necessary for all sorts of river habitat, as scientists downstream from flood-sucking dams have come to realize. In this natural flooding there undoubtedly is created slow moving pools. As the flooding subsides these pools expose the river banks where vegetation is stifled. I do not know what you call it where you are at; however this in Idahoan vernacular is a wash. In a wash exists settled debris and silt from the flooding; hence the stifled banks. So the creek/river banks of a wash are dirty. What a freaking English language anamoly!

Bench @ Katheryn’s

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“Bench At Katheryn’s”, 11×14 PA Oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 15Jul08 & 18jun08, using X1 palette.

If you recall, I reported I scraped a plein air painting completely on the 18th of June. I have never done this before where I scraped and then repainted it; in this case a month later. This is the repainting result. I am happy now that I can say that there is enough red in it this time. I cannot call this a plein air painting or even an alla prima painting, but it was fun to do.

Bench at Katheryn’s, refers to the benches in Katheryn Albertson’s park in downtown Boise. This park is part of the enormous green belt along the river in Boise. This was the first painting I did with my new Open Box M panel holder – Pochade Box… my birthday present to myself. Here I am [below] painting on location this very painting.

I would like to remind everyone that there is a painting in this blog that has a naked pregnant woman hidden in it. The title of this post should give you a good clue. There is a prize, if you figure out which painting has this figure in it. You win my smile.

X1 Palette

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This is the X1 palette!  It really is not exciting.  What it is, is a double primary palette created from paints I do not care to use in standard palettes [except for the Cad Yellow Light by Graham].  I intend to use it up as I develop my Plein Air painting flow.

Cool Red == Permanent Alizarin Crimson [Winton]
Warm Red == Cad Red Imitation [Pebeo]
Warm Yellow == Mix of Naples Yellow Hue [Grumbacher Acadamy] and Cad Orange Hue [Grumbacher Acadamy] — will use Yellow Ochre [Pebeo] when one of these runs out.
Cool Yellow == Cad Yellow Light [Graham] … because I have extra!
Warm Blue == Mix of Viridian Hue [Winton] and Raw Umber [Weber]
Cool Blue == Mix of Prussian Blue [Pebeo] and Cerulean Blue Hue [Grumbacher Academy] … I was using Cobalt Blue Hue [Grumbacher Academy] originally … but I ran out.
White == Titanium White [Pebeo]

Sud Central Idaho Vale

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“Sud Central Idaho Vale”, 11×14 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 15jul08, using X1 palette.

OK, now that I have briefed you on the plein air palette I currently use; let me just say this painting does not use it. The mountain modeling in this may be the most complex I have ever done. Hidden under the warm – cool – and gully colors is gray-brown toned underpainting; and under that is an Ultramarine Blue under tone. The mountain’s top layer modeling is: Warm = Warm red plus warm yellow, Cool = Cool red plus cool blue, Gully = Cool yellow plus warm blue. Hence the entire double primary pallete is used to model the mountains.

What I really like about this painting is I was able to pull it off using an offbeat double primary palette; and I still felt comfortable mixing the colors.