Sud Wyskonsyn i Fall

“Southern Wisconsin in the Fall”, 9×12 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 20aug07, using choate7 non-toxic palette.

Now that Summer is here and we are loving the 100 degree heat in Idaho. We will be drying up for the next 3 months. This is truly how you ferment — dry wit. It is a little harder to ferment dry wit in Wisconsin; where I grew up. Today’s painting commemorates the feeling of southern Wisconsin in the fall. It depicts a typical hardwood tree laced, rock pelted, glacier formed hill that exists in a great deal of that part of the state. Between the hills are some of the best farm lands in the world. Millions of deer hide in the tree-hills and graze on the fertile crops. It is an interesting eco-system. But there is not enough dry wit there…

In the summer in Idaho, you do not need a clothes dryer. The heat is so dry, you can almost drown while rafting in the Payette River, and be dry by the time you get back to your car. It is one of the few places where it is a pleasure to get totally wet while washing dishes. Cools you off, lets you deal with the heat.

As you enjoy the summer, please remember to hydrate. In my deli, I always have to remind myself to drink lots of water and tea to prevent dehydration headaches. Now that 100 heat is blowing on my head from the fresh air ventilation of the 325 degree fryer as I cook for the guests of the deli; I am well aware that Summer is here. Another trick for y’all is to soak your hat in cool water, then put it on your head. It cleans you hat and it protects you via evaporation.

Of course my favorite way to cool off in the deli, is to soak my bandanna in cool water and tie it around my neck [or use a bandanna clasp]. Ever look at pictures of old cowboys in Idaho. They all have a bandanna, that is probably wet to some extent, tied around their neck. This is proof that the private air conditioner that we all have forgotten about, is simple and a piece of cloth away from being yours.

Chill out, and enjoy.


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