Devil’s Basin

“Devil’s Basin”, 11×14 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 5feb07, using Choate7 palette.

Devil’s Basin is another location in the famous Sawtooths. I just re-learned that Minnesota as well as Idaho has a mountain range called the Sawtooth Mountains. I like Idaho’s better, but as I recall the Minnesota ones were pretty exciting along Lake Superior.

What about mountains give people peace, joy, or a fulfilling feeling? Is it the thought that the great provider is providing something; an assurance of help? Is it a better understanding that there are things bigger than you? Is it the concept that no matter how hot and dry it is in the valley, there will always be water coming from on high? Or is it just a great respite to the boring flatlands; that is your life?

This post marks the end of a deliberate process to develop a blog habit.  From now on most paintings will be posted in real time.  This means that there will be a few days due to my work schedule where the posting will not occur in a timely manner, or at all.  This is why I cannot claim to be a “daily painter”; but I can dream of that someday.


One Response to “Devil’s Basin”

  1. travis Hansen Says:

    I really like this one.

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