Choate7-Graham Palette

This is a picture of what I call the Choate7-Graham Palette that I occasionally use for plein air painting. This is a double primary palette that works well in Idaho. Because I use Walnut Oil Alkyd Medium I try to use M.Graham’s fast drying Alkyd based Titanium White for plein air, obviously in the 150mL tube. I also have included the Burnt Sienna here in the photo even though it is not in the palette. This is the approximate tone in color that many canvas’ by Fred Choate has. In truth most of his students [except me] do the same. My tone in color varies to anything [except white] based on the average complimentary of the motif, or my emotional whim. The color list for M.Graham is below, and the Winton equivalent pigments (are in parenthesis)…

Cool Red …. Anthraquinone Red (Alizarin Crimson Permanent)
Warm Red …. Cadmium Red (Cadmium Red Medium)
Warm Yellow …. Cadmium Yellow Deep (Cadmium Yellow Medium)
Cool Yellow …. Cadmium Yellow Light (Cadmium Yellow Light)
Warm Blue …. Viridian (Viridian) *** this is NOT Viridian Hue!
Cool Blue …. Ultramarine Blue (French Ultramarine Blue)
White = Titanium Alkyd White (Soft Mixing White)

My point in all this is even though I advocate the use of non-Cadmium colors for studio paintings for health reasons, I will be using Cadmium based colors en plein air. I have found that mixing in the bright Idaho light to be simpler by doing this. So obviously I do not advocate the banning of Cadmium based paint.

Hence the previous posted painting named “Shakespeare Log Pond” is painting with the Choate7-Graham Palette.


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