Sud Central Idaho Vale

“Sud Central Idaho Vale”, 11×14 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 15jul08, using X1 palette.

OK, now that I have briefed you on the plein air palette I currently use; let me just say this painting does not use it. The mountain modeling in this may be the most complex I have ever done. Hidden under the warm – cool – and gully colors is gray-brown toned underpainting; and under that is an Ultramarine Blue under tone. The mountain’s top layer modeling is: Warm = Warm red plus warm yellow, Cool = Cool red plus cool blue, Gully = Cool yellow plus warm blue. Hence the entire double primary pallete is used to model the mountains.

What I really like about this painting is I was able to pull it off using an offbeat double primary palette; and I still felt comfortable mixing the colors.


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