X1 Palette


This is the X1 palette!  It really is not exciting.  What it is, is a double primary palette created from paints I do not care to use in standard palettes [except for the Cad Yellow Light by Graham].  I intend to use it up as I develop my Plein Air painting flow.

Cool Red == Permanent Alizarin Crimson [Winton]
Warm Red == Cad Red Imitation [Pebeo]
Warm Yellow == Mix of Naples Yellow Hue [Grumbacher Acadamy] and Cad Orange Hue [Grumbacher Acadamy] — will use Yellow Ochre [Pebeo] when one of these runs out.
Cool Yellow == Cad Yellow Light [Graham] … because I have extra!
Warm Blue == Mix of Viridian Hue [Winton] and Raw Umber [Weber]
Cool Blue == Mix of Prussian Blue [Pebeo] and Cerulean Blue Hue [Grumbacher Academy] … I was using Cobalt Blue Hue [Grumbacher Academy] originally … but I ran out.
White == Titanium White [Pebeo]


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