Natural Flood == Dirty Wash

“River Wash”, 16×20 Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 31mar08 & 15jul08, using X1 palette.

This is my second painting that is a rework of a scrapped alla prima painting. In the rework, as before, it is done all at once — so you could call this a double alla prima painting; eh, maybe not.

Every year, during the spring, creeks of Idaho swell with snow melt. This natural flooding is normal and necessary for all sorts of river habitat, as scientists downstream from flood-sucking dams have come to realize. In this natural flooding there undoubtedly is created slow moving pools. As the flooding subsides these pools expose the river banks where vegetation is stifled. I do not know what you call it where you are at; however this in Idahoan vernacular is a wash. In a wash exists settled debris and silt from the flooding; hence the stifled banks. So the creek/river banks of a wash are dirty. What a freaking English language anamoly!


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