Choate7 Palette

The Choate7 Palette is a double primary that has Cadmium warm colors and transparent cool colors. The Cadmium Lemon in the picture could also be Cadmium Yellow light if you so choose. It uses all Winton brand colors; including the white which is supposed to be Soft Mixing White. Of course “renegade Rog” uses Weber’s Permalba white…. which technically is a similiar white mixture of PW6 and PW4.

The Choate7 non-toxic palette replaces all the cadmium based colors with their equivalent hues. Keep in mind the Viridian remains true Viridian and not a phthalo-green based hue. Most of the paintings you have seen on my blog so far have used the Choate7 non-toxic palette.

So now you know… if you care.


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