Distant View

“Moment of Epiphany”, 8×10 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 9-15-08, using Choate7 palette.

OK, you may not believe me. That is your right. However most who don’t; latter realize that this smart ass named Rog, is usually correct in his statements. Regardless, even though this is technically an abstract landscape painting, there are locales in Idaho and Nevada so desolate; that they look like this painting at certain times of the day. This view here, though done in studio, resembles a certain hill crest view that I recall from my travels in Owyhee county, in the south western part of the state.

Now, when I got the chance to see the Boise State Broncos play Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in Hawaii last year I had a confrontation with a few “Haka” foot stomping Hawaii fans. I deserved it, since I tend to be a very loud fan for whomever I cheer for. Regardless I was able to explain the Love Idaho has for Hawaii in definitive terms…

You see, did you know that Hawaiians and Idahoans are joined at the hip? Once the mines of Silver City, Idaho were bustling and Silver City was the largest city in the state. But a problem ensued with the retention of laborers in the mines. So one wise man convinced several others that the solution was to bring in several Hawaiians to the mines to work as laborers [possible slave laborers]. Shortly after the arrival of these large Samoan type men, one by one they would disappear. No one knew what happened to them. Eventually they all disappeared, never to be seen again… Until a few Indian Traders discovered all of them had immigrated into the Indian tribes an hours drive [40-50 miles] south of the mines. Those Hawaiians had interbred with the mixture of Paiute and other native Americans in what is now known is Owyhee Indian Reservation on the Nevada-Idaho Border. This Reservation of Native Americans lies partially inside the county now known as Owyhee county. “Owyhee” is Paiute for “Hawaii”. Good luck on your disbelief.

By the way, there is the figure of a woman laying down with her hands on her waist in this painting. An abstract thought, yes! However, ever wonder why society views mountain men as viral and full of testosterone?


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