Happy Hunting!

“Camorog”, 14×18 oil on canvas, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 7oct08, using electric earth palette.

To commemorate the start of the Idaho Hunting season I have painted this weird palette wonder. It is Oregon’s Haystack rock, again. My mentor [Fred Choate] won the best oil painting at the Idaho State fair this year for a similar painting.

In his case he used the Choate8 palette. In my case I have mightily abused that double primary palette to what I would like to call an “electric earth” palette — where cool colors are “electric” and warm colors earthy. And since I had no cadmium in the color palette, I used a lead based Flake white, to warm up the painting a bit. Yes, this is certainly an experiment. If you want to know the palette details, just click on the picture below…

This palette was so different from my norm, that I called the painting “Camorog”. Hence the hunting reference. What I know is this… If I ever paint classic figures, I will have to learn to mix with some of these earth tones and lead white in my palette. To celebrate this different element, I am toasting you with Spanish Absinthe. Just one shot mind you. Enjoy!


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