Inability to pass 1st Saddle.


“Marshy Meadow in Upper Week’s Gulch”, 11×14 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 20oct08, using Choate8-Graham palette.

This landscape is reminiscent of a marshy meadow that exists in the upper part of Week’s Gulch in Idaho.  The elevation here is around 9400 feet.  To the right of this scene is the peak of Jumbo Mountain.  A forest fire devasted parts of Week’s Gulch this summer, so this scene may not exist anymore.  Because of the heavy snowfall hunting this fall, it was unsafe for me to climb to even the 1st saddle on the ascent of Jumbo Mountain; so there is no confimation of devastation, except via horsemen.

Regardless this meadow is a beautiful meadow, frequented by sheepherders, sheep, deer, elk, coyotes, and now wolves [unfortunately for the elk].  Just to the right of this scene is a fairly large elk wallow [big spring], that is the head waters for this gulch.  Which means this locale is one of the headwaters of the South Fork of the Boise River.

While hunting once in early October, I camped with 5 others in pup tents to the left of this scene.  We froze our asses off.  Another time, Shantel, her parents, and I set up a 10 day hunting camp in a Sheephearders tent about 200 yards past this middle tree.  That time we did not freeze our asses off because we packed in a wood stove.  Conclusion… Horses are a means of survival in the drastic weather of the Idaho Mountains.


One Response to “Inability to pass 1st Saddle.”

  1. donthacker Says:

    Great stuff. Looks like you’ve had good luck this hunting season so far.

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