Zap — Electricity Can Compliment a Palette


“Verge of Wipeout on Mores Creek”, oil on 18×14 canvas, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 27oct08, using Complimentary Electric Palette.

This is the scene of my worst whitewater canoeing wipeout in my life, which occurred about 6 years ago. I barely got my canoe back from this. My canoeing partner had to retrieve it downstream. Mores Creek is a tributary of the Boise River, upstream from Boise. It looks timid here because this painting is done in the fall. Actually when it runs high during the spring runoff it becomes class 3 rapids in the narrowing rapids below. Mores Creek is one of those rivers that Kayakers do not venture on because the shallow rapids are perfect for knocking out a flipped kayaker. So it is recommended that whitewater enthusiasts use a whitewater canoe when running it.

The accident was severe enough to basically stress out several muscles in my back, which took a couple months for me to heal. I did not miss a day of work, but I sure slept alot and did not play tennis, in those months. I have not avidly canoed since. Perhaps I will again someday. If I do, I promise you all I will not be drinking more than one beer when I run the rapids. I had drunk two, and I noticed it affected my responce time. I.E. I flipped sideways in the accident. Pride can wipe one out!

This painting was done using a “Complimentary Electric Palette”; which I will explain later.


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