Getting Better.

Almost every hat I wear I have modified somehow by hand.   I have even designed a hat for me “Packer Fan” that I am, that is a “Slice of Cheese” hat.  Those cheesehead hats are too cheesy; so I designed and made my own.  When I wear it I come off looking like “The Flying Nun”.

My point is this; every painter needs to find comfort in the technology they use.  For me, I have finally modified my French Easel for more comfort for me.  I removed the metal dividers, making the pull out drawer my mixing palette box.  So except in the studio, I no longer use the plastic “Masterson” mixing box I have used for the last year.  This has reduced the weight of my easel by a couple pounds, which will enable me to lift it longer distances when I want to paint plein air on larger than 16×20 canvas’ [the limit canvas size of my Open Box M Panel Holder].  I still carry my paint tubes in the drawer, I just have to clean it [like I always should] after painting.  Below is the modified drawer with the paint tubes, after I cleaned it with thinner after painting.

Another point of comfort is my use of a Brush Paint Wallet, by Tran.  I purchased mine from the Boise Art Warehouse called “Quality Art”.  Go to and order one if it excites you.  Please tell Cathy [the office manager] that Rog Lyngaas told you about it.

This tool really helps control the amount of supplies I carry for plein air painting.  It is pictured below.

We are getting better, faster, bigger, cleaner, wiser, older, bolder, etc…


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