“Mounts O’er Moisture”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 11-11-08, using Choate7 palette except cool red is true Alizarin Crimson and warm blue is Manganese Blue Hue.

People often look at mountainous areas as desolate isolation with rocks, no trees and not much else. Great places to paint right? This painting emphasizes the fact that a great deal of mounted areas contain wetlands. This is why we often associate Moose with mountains. Moose tend to love the water, they graze the wetlands. You can see this most prominently in places like Alaska.

In Idaho, the higher you are, the more moisture there is. You get 10 feet of snow in the winter at 8000 feet, but just 10 inches of rain at 2700 [Boise]. It has been raining in Boise for several days now; so I would like to annouce that winter is here.


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