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Happy Boxing Day

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“Choate’s Snag (aft Fred Choate)”, 18×14 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 25dec08, using Fragonard triple primary palette.

Those students of Fred Choate are familiar with this motif.  This painting is an enlarged embelishment of Fred’s Original “First” plein air painting.  The shapes and composition remain the same here; but the colors, values, and temperatures have been changed.

I took this as a challenge… especially since I was experimenting all over the board with the palette… virtually nothing in the paint I was using was the same as usual… OK we were drinking alternating shots of Spanish Absinthe and Sangiovese Wine [Merry Christmas everyone].   Below is the Palette…

Fragonard Triple Primary Palette

White == Permalba [Weber]
Cool Yellow == Chrome Yellow Light Hue [Fragonard]
Earth Yellow == Raw Umber [M.Graham]
Warm Yellow == Chrome Yellow Deep Hue [Fragonard]
Warm Red == Cadmium Red Medium [Fragonard]
Earth Red == Venetian Red [PR101, Fragonard]
Cool Red == Garnet [PV19 blue shade, Fragonard]
Cool Blue == Deep Ultramarine Blue [Fragonard]
Earth Blue == Chrome Green [pg60, Fragonard]
Warm Blue == Phthalo Blue [Fragonard]


Using the Walnut Alkyd Oil Medium from M.Graham it appears that the colors really jump out at you in this.  We will see over time.  This could also be caused by my use of the VGA camera on my phone.

Happy Holidays!

Now that Christmas is over with are you ready for Epiphany!



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“Aire of McCall”, 14×18 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 2dec08, using Choate7 palette with Prussian blue as warm blue.

North of Boise is a winter wonderland in Valley County.  The heart of the county is McCall, whose ski history dates back to the Engen Brothers and their escapades in Idaho and Utah.  The ski resorts of Brundage Basin, Bogus Basin, Snowbasin, and Alta each have strong connection to these ski jumping fools from Norge.

This painting attempts to give you a feeling of the air in McCall.  In my opinion it is the place in Idaho makes me feel most like I am back in Wisconsin.  I get the same feeling near Logan, Utah of all places.  McCall’s lake is called Payette lake and it is deep like lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.  This painting is one “modified” view of the lake.

Oh by the way, for those who have asked… yes I did, purposely place that “burning man” post in the middle of all these chilly paintings.

When is creek water coldest?

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“Cold Creek”, 14×18 oil on canvas, after Choate, by Rog Lyngaas, 2dec08, using Choate7 palette with prussian blue as warm blue.

When is a creek at its coldest?  Not in winter, because snow melt is not very high at that time.  The coldest I have felt a river whilst fly fishing is in April, during heavy snowmelt.  I once fished all day standing in the Boise River, wearing just tennis shoes and jeans [and a shirt and coat].  I did not get cold… without my waders.  Oh yeah, the day was January 1st, and the air temp was below freezing, and rose to nearly 38.  The water temp was mild though.  I still would not recommend this.

Burning Man

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“Burning Man”, 12×9 Oil on canvas unstretched, by Rog Lyngaas,  16 jan 06.

This was my first painting.  Some would say that the desire to paint was so great for so many years that my mind effectively barfed on the canvas.  I am showing this to you now so that you may see my starting point.

Regardless when I entered this in the Idaho State Fair in 2007 it recieved an honorable mention in the amatuer abstract catagory.  As I develop I hope to someday return to more abstract figures.  For now though, I believe landscapes promote something in others minds that abstract paintings cannot.

Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground

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rough-estimate-of-ruffed-grouse-winter-ground1“Rough “Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground”, 14×18 Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 9dec08, using choate7 pallete.

Although I have taken a time from hunting Grouse, I used to do it yearly.  A few years ago, the population got low in Idaho.  It is then I temporarily quit. The population of Grouse has rebounded.  However since I cook lots of chicken daily, I have lost the desire to eat bird.

In this painting I estimate a Grouse pair could be hiding in the bushes.  They like spring water flowing in small creeks with lots of cover, which is plentiful in the mountains of Idaho.

Mind you, these would not be the big Blue Grouse.  They are a unique creature.  They prefer to move up the mountains as it gets colder.  In cold Novembers whilst hunting on tops of mountains, large Blue Grouse have startled me several times.  Some get to be Turkey size.