Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground

rough-estimate-of-ruffed-grouse-winter-ground1“Rough “Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground”, 14×18 Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 9dec08, using choate7 pallete.

Although I have taken a time from hunting Grouse, I used to do it yearly.  A few years ago, the population got low in Idaho.  It is then I temporarily quit. The population of Grouse has rebounded.  However since I cook lots of chicken daily, I have lost the desire to eat bird.

In this painting I estimate a Grouse pair could be hiding in the bushes.  They like spring water flowing in small creeks with lots of cover, which is plentiful in the mountains of Idaho.

Mind you, these would not be the big Blue Grouse.  They are a unique creature.  They prefer to move up the mountains as it gets colder.  In cold Novembers whilst hunting on tops of mountains, large Blue Grouse have startled me several times.  Some get to be Turkey size.


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