“Aire of McCall”, 14×18 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 2dec08, using Choate7 palette with Prussian blue as warm blue.

North of Boise is a winter wonderland in Valley County.  The heart of the county is McCall, whose ski history dates back to the Engen Brothers and their escapades in Idaho and Utah.  The ski resorts of Brundage Basin, Bogus Basin, Snowbasin, and Alta each have strong connection to these ski jumping fools from Norge.

This painting attempts to give you a feeling of the air in McCall.  In my opinion it is the place in Idaho makes me feel most like I am back in Wisconsin.  I get the same feeling near Logan, Utah of all places.  McCall’s lake is called Payette lake and it is deep like lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.  This painting is one “modified” view of the lake.

Oh by the way, for those who have asked… yes I did, purposely place that “burning man” post in the middle of all these chilly paintings.


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