It Is Coming… Epiphany


“Thought of Trinities”, 12×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 30dec08, using Choate7 palete with Viridian Hue as warm blue; and Raw Umber based mud.

We have celebrated the Christmas Holiday; then the New Year!  Now comes the Epiphany.  The completion of the Trinity of Holiday, and easily the most spiritual.

Today’s painting has to do with the Trinity.  The view of this landscape can bring peace to the meditator.  In addition it is a composite of feeling and color for the Trinity Mountain range that exists between the Idaho metropolis’ of Prairie, Featherville, and Atlanta.  It is my favorite in Idaho proper.  Hopefully you will see several more paintings of this area.  But today let’s just think of the trinities… wondering about the hope for peace.


One Response to “It Is Coming… Epiphany”

  1. Hi!. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but i think i’m getting lost!. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a few days to see if there is any more info.

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