New Glasses


“Home and Away”, 12×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 12jan09, using choate7 palette with phthalo green & raw umber mix for warm blue.

There is a hermit who lives in the Sawtooths of Idaho who has a large water tank.  He hand plows and cuts for his grain for the winter.   He also cuts up a few trees for his heat.

In summer he takes his sheep to the high mountain valleys where the Elk are and lets them graze.  With his good hearing [he does not hunt much] he listens to the Elk calls and has learned to tell where the wolves are from their discussion.

For winter he brings the sheep down to his encampment with his handbuilt house and barn.  By then he has already shorn enough grain for his animals and himself for the winter.  In his barn he has a still and plenty of wood.  From the alcohol he produces he has enough fuel to provide a controlled light source for his small tea plantation [in the barn as well], using a generator.

He is at home what ever the season, whether at home or away; for he is at home in the mountains.  Good luck finding him, for he is at home, he is a mountain man.

This is the first painting I have done using my new glasses.  It breaks down close up.  But suprisingly, at 10 feet it looks real.


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  1. New Glasses .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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