Winter Arises


“Rising of Winter”, 8×10 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 23jan09, using X4 palette.

This week I have been doing alot of indoor 8×10 paintings, in the bathroom.  This is the fourth in the series.  My method in this series of paintings, is to paint each new painting using the previous painting as the model.  This is probably why the structure of the scene has been changing through the series.  It is all good and this is all learning.

Double Temperature [X4] Palette [Winton Colors unless noted]

WARM-WARM =  Yellow Ochre [PY42]
WARM-COOL = Raw Umber [PBr6]
COOL-WARM = Burnt Sienna [PBr6]
COOL-COOL = Prussian Blue [PB27]
White = Flake White [Winsor-Newton. PW4, PW1]

Some may call this the IOX or IRONMAN palette, and may relate it to a Velasquez palette.    Especially since the white here is my use of Flake White for the first time.  Since the Winsor-Newton Flake white is a mix between Zinc White [PW4] and Lead White [PW1], it becomes cooler in usage than I envisioned.  So, I may not use this much in the future.  But it does glisten warmly compared to some other whites [PERMALBA].  However, I still believe the Titanium White [mix of PW6&PW4] made by M.Graham is a little warmer, and safer to use.

The whole idea here was to paint based on temperature.   Since this is a snow scene it makes for a nice dichotomy.


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