Think of Spring


“Think of Spring”, 8×10 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 24jan09, using Choate8-Graham [X2] palette.

Talking about dichotomies… I decided to pop your eyes with the 5th [and final, for now] of the series.  This time I am using the X2 palette, which is really the M.Graham brand paint version of the Choate8 palette.  Cool colors here are all transparent, warm colors are predominantly opaque to semi-transparent.

Choate8-Graham [X2] Palette [all M.Graham paints]
Warm Blue = Viridian
Cool Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Warm Red = Cadmium Red
Cool Red = Anthraquinone Red [perm. aliz. crimson in Winton]
Warm Yellow = Cadmium Yellow [Cad Yellow Light in Winton]
Cool Yellow = Hansa Yellow [py3]…. replaces Winton’s Lemon Yellow.
White = Titanium White by M.Graham.

Raw Umber was not used in this painting, as I have been doing lately, for cost savings reasons.  Instead the true [more expensiv] “mud” used in the Choate8 palette was used which is Cool Blue + Warm Red + Cool Yellow.  The difference is shocking in terms how much this Dark Brown glistens.

The problem with this palette, is Viridian, Anthraquinone Red, and Hansa Yellow are only made by M.Graham in the small 37ml tubes.  So its use is costly.  Especially because of the Viridian.


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