Sunset in the Mountains…


“Sunset in the Mountains, circa 1921 (after Sandzen)”, 6×9 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 20feb09, using the x6 palette.

OK, trying to interpret a Sandzen painting can be a challenge when dealing with a small canvas.  What I found myself doing here is using as much medium as I would in a 12×16 canvas, but by premixing the medium into the colors, I was able to execute a much thicker painting with only my brushwork.  The medium used here is the Winston-Newton Light Liquin. I may have to try this same study, on a larger canvas.

X6 Palette, mostly Winton Brand Paint

cool blue = French Ultramarine Blue
warm blue = Viridian Hue mixed with Ivory Black.
cool yellow = Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue [py74]
warm yellow = Cadmium Yellow Medium
warm red = Vermillion Hue [pr170,po36,pw4]
cool red = Alizarin Crimson [M.Graham]
white = permalba

This was the first painting with this palette that uses Vermillion hue.  I had the black handy here not only to detune the Viridian Hue; but to darken the Vermillion if necessary in the Mud.  But it was not needed for that.


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