Trumpet Call Again…


“Malhuer (Post study)”, 6×8 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 19feb09, using X5 palette.

You may recall a previous version of this motif.  In my opinion the early version was a disaster.  So here is a rework in the form of a small post study.

X5 Palette [Winton brand, unless noted]

warm blue = viridian hue
cool blue = french ultramarine blue
cool red = alizarin crimson [m.graham]
warm red = venetian red [pr101,fragonard]
warm yellow = cad yellow medium
cool yellow = cad yellow pale hue [py74]
white = permalba [martin-weber]

The undertone for this painting is that thing called “grey matter” — a mix of all paints, including white, along with alot of alkyd medium.  Grey matter was also used to detune the Viridian Hue, which it did quite well.


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