Just Another Plastic Knockoff…


“Sunset in the Mountains, circa 1921 (acrylic, after Sandzen)”, 9×12 acrylic on loose canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 21feb09, y1 palette.

Although I am known as exclusively an artist in oils; I thought I would surprise you.  This may have been intended to be a cheap knock off of the previous painting.  But has a better value map, better trees, and more dramatic sky.  I have not painted in acrylics since April of 2007 when I first started formal training as a painter.  So welcome to the world of plastic — which is a nice way of saying — “Plastics are from the Devil”, as per my Mother’s teaching.

When working on this study of Sven Birger Sandzen, whose work has skyrocketed in value, since his passing 54 years ago, I have come to notice something of his palette.  He probably was one of the pioneers in using Phthalo colors, since his color mixes have a hidden electricity.  Sure he uses linear stipeling, but his palette varied from his predecessors.  I thing he used Phthalo Green in his original of this painting — but it could have been Phthalo Blue as well.  So, in my opinion, you can now couple him with Emil Gruppe as contemporaries that used Phthalo colors — if you care about history.

Y1 Palette, M.Graham Acrylics unless noted

Cool Blue = Winsor Blue [Galeria W&N, PB15]
Warm Blue = Viridian Hue [PG7]
Cool Yellow = Hansa Yellow [PY3]
Warm Yellow = Cadmium Yellow [PY35]
Warm Red = Cadmium Red [PR108]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [PR83]
White = Titanium White [PW6]
Dark = Ivory Black [PBk9]

A word of note here to fellow painters.  M.Graham uses only PW6 in their Acrylic Titanium White.  In their Oil version of Titanium White, PW4 [Zinc] is also used, which makes it easier to mix colors.  If I do a lot of Acrylic paintings, I may decide to experiment with Zinc White.


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