Advice… I need to take.

When working with acrylic paints like the previous painting in this blog it is advised that you learn to deal with the bright pigments in the fake oils in a safe manner.  Especially if you are bald.  You see the reflections off the paint can cause sunburn and eye damage if not properly muted.  Below is a picture of my “Studio One” in the bathroom, as I am painting in Acrylics for the first time in a long time.


One way of preventing eye damage, especially inside when dealing with “fashion lights” like in many modern bathrooms is to wear a black felt cowboy style hat; as seen below.


Another idea is to skip the studio one nonsense and move to studio two.  The open road, like on a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.


It sounds like one versatile bike; for both mountain and city.  It comes in multiple colors, including tangerine!  What a dream to ride a tangerine.  Perhaps better than being sublime when you ride a lime [another color].  Of course, Triumph has muted the colors lately, aka… to prevent eye damage.  The new colors for 2009 are Matte Black and Matte Green.

If I were take my own advice, I guess I would have to be “all in”.  So if you have a spare Scrambler in your back yard, I will make you an offer.  Every painting you have seen in this blog… up till now for one Scrambler.

It sounds crazy from your end I know.  However, I think I need to find some sort of transport for going on “Painting Days”.  A scrambled brainer seems to be the ticket.  So some day….  Until then, I think I will just drive my pickup.


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