Fake Oils in Review…

OK, you may have seen me say that acrylics are fake oils.  What I have learned from studying my latest acrylic mess of a painting — is that you really do run the risk of over illustrating a piece when doing it in acrylic paint.  I think it has something to do with the dry speed.  It also takes longer to render the same piece, which may have to do with the “ease of over illustration”.  The other thing I learned is oil paintings stay glossy much longer.  For your review is a picture of the original subject by Birger Sandzen “Sunset in the Mountains”, circa 1921.


Below is the 6×8 oil I did in an improved picture format…


And of course the 9×12 arcylic recreation in an improved picture format…


I guess, I will continue studying Sandzen some more.  But not today.

On the Plein Air excursion front, I have been looking at differing motorcycles that enable one to travel on the distant dirt roads of Idaho.  Surely the Triumph Scrambler is an excellent choice.  But now I see, that there could be better choices.  The Kawasaki KLR650, Suzuki DR650, and perhaps the most versatile is the BMW F650 GS [or G650 GS] depending on the year of make.  The BMW looks the best of these newer styles, and is shown below…


Plus, it has great luggage options.


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