At the Edge of the Other World…


“Owyhee Canyon”, 9×6 acrylic on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 11mar09, Y2 palette.

This is not the inlet to Owyhee Reservoir in Oregon.  But it does resemble it in Spring.  BTW, Spring is coming, and fish will be jumping here!

Y2 Palette, M.Graham Acrylics unless noted

Cool Blue = Winsor Blue [Galeria W&N, PB15]
Warm Blue = Viridian Hue [PG7]
Cool Yellow = Hansa Yellow [PY3]
Warm Yellow = Cadmium Yellow [PY35]
Warm Red = Cadmium Red Light [PR108]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [PR83]
White = Warm White [Jo Sonja, PW6, PY42]
Under = Raw Umber [PBr7, W&N]


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