Choking Interpretation…


“Owyhee Washout (aft Fred Choate)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 10mar09, X7 palette.

Owyhee county in Idaho, is high desert.  Owyhee is Paiute for “Hawaii”.  As I have mentioned before, Idaho and Hawaii are joined at the hip.

This painting is a definitivly high contrast desert washout scene that is typical this time of year in the Idaho High Desert.  Often times, when you want to get somewhere you have to drive through washouts.  Can you say, adrenaline rush, especially on a motorcycle?

BTW, if you did not get my joke yet… I purposely over bleached the desert flats to match the name of the painting… washout.  Just so you know, the sun does get this bright in the desert.  So much so, that you can become “sand blind” as well as “snow blind”.

My mentor would like to thank the lady from Hailey, Idaho who purchased the original of this painting from Idaho’s PBS channel 4, as a fund raiser.  My interpretation is nothing like the original though.  It uses a real wack-job of a  palette.  Another “Electric Earth” palette.  If anyone else wants to use this palette, I warn you that it is playing with fire.  Do you feel lucky?  Halfway through I concluded that my cool yellow was warmer than my warm yellow, so I swapped them in some of my mixes.

X7 PALETTE…[m.Graham Colors unless noted]

cool  red = quintrocidrone Violet [pv19]
warm red = burnt sienna [Pbr7]
warm/cool yellow = yellow ochre [Py43, Winton]
cool/warm yellow = azo yellow [py74,py151]
warm blue = pthalo green [pg7]
cool blue = ultra blue [pb29]
white = Titanium White [pw6,pw4,Rembrandt]

Motorcycle of Choice…

In order to traverse the long lonely desert roads to get to this washout, and then to drive through it my former roomate, Shane Smith recommends a Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycle.  He as always a Honda XR 650 fan, but he has met many people who prefer the KLR as their “Desert Rat” cycle…



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