Photographers are Sometimes Artists…


“Branches in Snow (after Ansel Adams)”, 9×6 Acrylic on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 12mar09, Y2 Palette.

Probably the greatest photographer ever, was Ansel Adams. Apparantly our Boise Art Museum has an Exhibit of Several of his Photos.  I should go.  What I have learned this week is that Andrew Wyeth was really an abstract painter, in terms of his design of composition.  Perhaps Ansel Adams was as well.  The photo this painting is based off of looks like an abstract design.  So I should research it more.

Have you noticed I am using acrylics more in my paintings.  This is to get me used to the more “electric” modern pigments, and it is a challenge to paint with such a loaded gun.


One Response to “Photographers are Sometimes Artists…”

  1. I have just joined artblog4u and looked at your site. I would like to follow you and would appreciate it if you would link to me. Would you consider reading my post? Thankyou, Diane

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