Yet to post this week.  Busy in the deli.  Sorry.

Details of good news is coming for you and I.  This time I will not “Shoot the Messenger”.  Quite frankly, there is a possibility that my paintings will be involved with 3 or 4 shows in the next 6 months.  The best of the news involves the Basement Gallery, in downtown Boise.  I will post on this later.

But for now… I have determined the greatest fans of these paintings you have seen are in Kansas City!  Thank-you Kansas City, Portland, Boise, Los Angelas, San Francisco, London, New York [specifically Manhattan the heart of the art world], Madison, and Chicago….   This is not a race….

However I love the dichotomy of the center [heart] of the country [Kansas] being  just as often visitors to this site as the heart of the Art World [Manhattan].  FYI, their is in Kansas a mildly large city called… Manhattan.

Eat at the Munch Exhibit

About dichotomies, the Edvard Munch exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago should be great to visit.  I would like to encourage anybody who has the where with all to visit it, to do so.  I myself have not the where with all, but will probably acquire the book on it.  I enjoy studying Edvard Munch’s stuff… but as of yet have not done any real paintings that are studies of it.  Maybe some day.

The reason for the interest is that Munch’s Painting “The Day After” is my favorite painting in the world.  Mr. Phelps my high school history teacher for Western Civilization introduced me to this.  It is the first painting that actually got me excited about art.  It is shown below.


None of us will ever see the original that Munch painted, because it was destroyed.  The above is a “Post Study” Munch did of the original.  I have had to good luck to see the Intagilio Print of this at the Munch Museum in Oslo.

Dagny Juel was probably the model.  She was the model for Munch’s Madonna.  Both were originally exhibited in Germany together with Munch’s Ashes.  It would be Munch-like to use the same model.  It implies a huge break from the sanctity of holiness… Madonna in a bedroom scene.  Perhaps this indiscretion is why the exhibit was banned, and Munch became famous.  What a genious.

Just so you know… you can’t eat at the Munch Exhibit.

Regardless, thank-you for visiting.  See you again soon.


One Response to “Thank-you…”

  1. Ice-cream Queen Says:

    Hi, I absolutely love this painting since I was a school kid. My history teacher showed us some random art selection of that era and I just fell in love with this one. I was never particularly art-smart, always mixing genres and painters, but I will always remember this one. And Millais’ Ophelia 🙂

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