Eat It, Hud, Eat It…


“Day After (aft Edvard Munch)”, 6×8 oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 23mar09, x8 palette.

OK, expaination is in order.  “Eat it, Hud, Eat it!” is a quote from the Jim Rome Radio Show.  Rex Hudler [sp?] was a baseball player that once ate a beautiful bug at his fellow baseball players request.  He ate the bug, and they won the game.  It was a rally moment.  Sometimes, one has to do the strange to encourage one’s comrades to their goal.

Does this explain why I finally performed some sort of study on an Edvard Munch painting?  OK, you know this is my favorite painting in the world.  But do you realize that this is both a still life and a portrait?  My interpretation, is an interupted piece.  Originally, I was to sketch the painting, then base a landscape on the composition.  You can see this if you notice that the value of the wall is very light compared to the original by Munch.  There are spiritual and educative reasons why I was going to do this.  But since I had to go to work.  This is the final version of this study, hence the name S1.

I intend to revisit studying this work several times in the next several years.  The reason, is I need to understand why this painting enlightened me so.

X8 Palette [Mostly Winton colors, another electric earth palette]

White = Permalba White [pw6, pw4, Martin-Weber]
cool blue = ultramarine blue
warm green = viridian hue
cool yellow = cad yellow pale hue
warm yellow = yellow ochre
warm red = burnt sienna [pr101, W&N artist grade]
cool red = alizarin crimson [pr83, m.graham]


4 Responses to “Eat It, Hud, Eat It…”

  1. munch cries out to tortued soles in all of his work
    I’m not sure I know what a soul is, but I saw you tickling a fish! it’s a start x

  2. I think I will have some filet of sole for lunch tommorrow. After all, it is Friday.

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  4. Ice-cream Queen Says:

    Hi, I absolutely love this painting since I was a school kid. My history tacher showed us some random art selection of that era and I just fell in love with this one. I was never particularly art-smart, always mixing genres and painters, but I will always remember this one. And Millais’ Ophelia 🙂

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