“Following His Trail [aft Fred Choate]”, 12×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 7apr09, x7 palette.

Once, years ago near Pocatello Idaho,  I was stranded on top of a mountain backcountry skiing.  The snow was 10 feet deep and the escape route was around 9 to 10 miles.  My cross country ski binding was broken along with the boot.  My friends tied my ski to my boot with some rope.  I hop-skied for those miles out of there.  I did not get to the vehicle until around 9:30 at night, after hours of hop-skiing in the dark, along a trail I could barely see.  They concluded that I had the most stamina that had ever seen in any person ever.  I concluded that I got home safe, even though I had no food and water.   I got there by following His trail.  This painting reminds me of this.   Sure the modeling is based off of mountains in Oregon, but the scene is reminiscent of that event in my life.

X7 Palette, Winton Brand paint unless noted

cool blue = French Ultramarine Blue [PB28, M.Graham]
warm blue = Viridian Hue [PG7, M.Graham]
cool yellow = Cadmium Lemon [PY35]
warm yellow = Cadmium Yellow Medium [PY35]
warm red =  Cadmium Red Medium [PR108]
cool red = Alizarin Crimson [PR83, M.Graham]
white =  Titanium White [PW6,PW4, Rembrandt]


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