Pleasure and Greenhouse Affect?

Greenhouse Affect

“Greenhouse Affect”, 8×10 oil on canvasboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 1jun09, XA palette.

When there is 2 feet of snow and the temperature rises to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, snow can melt so fast that it creates a cascading “greenhouse affect”.  This is perfectly natural, and I recall it happening every once in a while in Wisconsin; but I have not witnessed it as much in Idaho.  At that time the air becomes living with moisture, a nice change from the frigid dryness of a day before.  It is kind of like the same feeling as when you see and breath after a nice summer thunderstorm.

Regardless, obviously I take great pleasure in witnessing a greenhouse affect in winter.

By the way, I am proud to say that someone has visited this site from the coast of Hudson Bay, in Canada.  Thank-you Hudson Bay, I am happy now.

XA Palette,

cool blue = cobalt blue [Graham]
warm blue = phthalo green [Graham]
cool yellow = cadmium lemon [Winton]
warm yellow = cadmium yellow medium [Winton]
warm red = cadmium red medium [Winton]
cool red = quinacridone violet [Graham]
white = titanium white [Fragonard]


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