Attitude about Etudes…

Chopin's Etude at Niagra Springs

“Chopin’s Etude @ Niagra Springs”, 8×10 PA oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, Choate7 Palette, 4jun09.

This was the first of three plein air paintings I performed at the 2009 Buhl Plein Air Paintout.  I consider it a study, since the original composition was complex, and I intend to repaint at this location in the future.  It is now on exhibit [and for sale] for the next year along with last years creation called “Ramona”.  I was able to reframe Ramona in a better frame.  Below is Fred Choate expounding to me the natural composition.

Fred Expounding

Of course, below is I, absorbing all from my mentor, but listening to the river speak in another language.  Obviously, I listened to the later more than the former.

Rog Painting

This was a busy day in that Fred and I had to return to the Basement Gallery, for the June Reception at night.  It looks nice and peaceful here, but in reality, I had to ride my motorcycle 320 miles in a stiff gusting side wind of up to 45 mph.  Sometimes the Semis and I were just going 45 miles an hour down the highway.  It was the windiest day in Idaho in a long time.


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