Courter’s Hitchin’ Barn (aft Kevin Courter)

“Courter’s Hitchin’ Barn [aft Kevin Courter]”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 29jun09, Choate7 palette.

courters hitchin barn

Of course, there is a little controversy here.  Do people really get married in a Hitching Barn?  Notice the light in the barn shade.  That is where the horse is gettin’ hitched!

Now, once again in my travels, I learn things.  Things like making sure your panel carrier’s screws are tight.  The painting above is after I had to do modification when I got home from the studio.  You see my single cylinder motorcycle must oscillate at just the right frequency,  for my carrier screws to loosen inside my panniers.  So the original painting, that is shown below, no longer exists.  After the screws loosened, one of my bare panels squashed the painting in certain areas.  So when I got home I had to do some painting fixing.  Needless to say, I guess I cannot claim I am always the Alla Prima painter, that I am known as.

Courter's Hitchin' Barn, before travel

By the way, I hope by now you have realized why I called this a painting of a Hitchin’ Barn, instead of the original title that Kevin Courter gave it.  You see, I do not know the original name.  Plus, Kevin’s last name is Courter… so it makes sense to be talkin’ ’bout hitchin’… ok I am a little dry.


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  1. severnyproductions Says:

    Good paintings

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