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Studio Number Two…

Posted in commentary, motorcycles, plein air on July 31, 2009 by Rog

I have mentioned that I would like to get a dual-sport motorcycle for traveling remote dirt roads of Idaho cheaply. Well, about three months ago and 2500 miles ago I purchased one. The new BMW G650 GS. It now has panniers, so I can travel light into the dark void of creativity, outdoors. BMW at Meridian City Hall BMW garaged Now with all spiritual things, it is important to be blessed. However, since I have some ignorance in such matters, I did not seek it. But I did visit my local pub / restaurant / hangout for a brew. Once the food, the talk, and the fermentation got me feeling it is ok to go home; I walked outside, and low and behold. A pair of cute women had blessed my motorcycle with kisses and balloons. The kisses were on the mirrors which I am showing below; and on other parts which I will not show. The balloons were tied all over, and the men I was with gladly popped and removed them for me before my ride. Regardless, my motorcycle has now been blessed. Kissed cycle 1 Kisses at night. Kissed cycle 2 and kisses in the garage [below] Kissed cycle 3 Kissed cycle 4

In retrospect, if anyone asks you, “Is Rog a plein air artist?” I would hope that you could answer, not really; he is an outdoor painter. That implies the oneness with the secondary in many man’s thought, the outdoors. Which is good, for it is good to meditate on that which is created. Motorcycling helps in that regards. So I thank God for my cycle; for now it is blessed.

I also would like to thank the people in the following places…Kansas City, London, Seattle, Portland OR, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Boise, Tucson, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Tampa, Nashville, and Durham NC. I appreciate your support.


Posters are on the Poles…

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I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.  Downtown for events they would hire poster men, who would staple and tape colored posters to anything that stands; including telephone poles.  If I did this recently, it would have been this poster below.  But I don’t want to get a massive littering ticket, so I did not.

Initial Point Poster, final B&W, for press release5

Oh did I mention?  We hung our latest art show last week, and had our opening reception this week.  All without a hitch, due to the helpfulness of the people of Meridian and several members of the Idaho Painter’s Guild.

If you live in the Boise – Meridian – Nampa – Caldwell Metropolitan area, or you are just visiting; feel free to visit the gallery — it is free.  For more information on the show, and the venue, please visit the Idaho Painter’s Guild website.  For more information on my portion of the show, please visit 2009 Initial Point.

Rocheport Point, Missouri River (aft William O’Donnell)

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“Rocheport Point, Missouri River (aft William O’Donnell)”, 14×11 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 27jul09, XE pallete.

This painting marks the last of a series of paintings, that have been purpously compositionally conservative. I have been painting in this manner, based on the advice of my mentor, Fred Choate. Now he is advising me to open up the creative floodgate. Only time will tell on how I take this.

XE Pallete
Cool blue = french Ultramarine Blue (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm blue = viridian hue (winton)
Cool yellow = cad lemon (winton)
Warm yellow = cad yellow medium hue (grumbacher academy)
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = quinacridone violet (graham)
sketch = raw umber (graham) + yellow ochre (winton)
White = titanium white (fragonard)

Another note is I have switched back to my normal Walnut Alkyd Medium for painting.  For the last six months have been experimenting with different gels.  My favorite being Galkyd, and my second favorite is Liquin Lite [Wingel].  Others I have used included Liquin, Liquin Impasto, and Res-N-Gel.  For now, if I ever use a gel, it will be Galkyd.  It seems to cause the least respitory problems.

Eucalyptus at Eventide (aft Granville Redmond)

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eucalyptus at eventide aft granville redmond

“Eucalyptus at Eventide (aft Granville Redmond)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 21jul09, XD palette.

Once again my mentor surprised me with a challenge. In this interpretation, once again the composition was altered to meet my taste. Once I finished this I told Fred that I hope this work’s towards greater world peace.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

XD Palette (grumbacher pre-tested, unless noted)

Cool blue = french ultramarine (green shade)
Earth blue = prussian blue
Warm blue = Viridian
Earth yellow = raw umber (graham)
Cool yellow = cadmium barium yellow light
Warm yellow = cad yellow med. hue (grumbacher – student grade)
Earth red = burnt sienna
Warm red = cadmium barium red — vermillion hue
Cool red = alizarin crimson
White = titanium white (shiva)

Moonlit Concerto, o’er Sud Fork O’ Bridge Creek.

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“Bowan Mountain, North Cascades NP”, 12×16 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 23jul09, Choate8 palette.

This painting was done entirely alla prima, as usual. It was painted on a borrowed canvas, using borrowed paint, medium, brushes, knife, and towels. Thanks Ellen, Fred, & Craig for letting me borrow your stuff.

Whilst completing this painting I was listening to a concerto in the moonlight.

bowan mountain north cascades national park

Fishing in Summer…

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“Cool Shade by Fisk Rocks”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7jul09, Choate7 palette.

Wilst fishing in Summer in Idaho, it helps if you have shade. Perhaps then fish don’t see you.

cool shade by fisk rocks

I would like to thank those who visit my site, especially those from the following cities… London, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Kansas City, San Francisco, Los Angelos, and Boise.