Fishing in Summer…

“Cool Shade by Fisk Rocks”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7jul09, Choate7 palette.

Wilst fishing in Summer in Idaho, it helps if you have shade. Perhaps then fish don’t see you.

cool shade by fisk rocks

I would like to thank those who visit my site, especially those from the following cities… London, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Kansas City, San Francisco, Los Angelos, and Boise.


3 Responses to “Fishing in Summer…”

  1. For those of you whom I lost your comments… I apologize. I am testing mobile phone blogging methods, and, well… I make mistakes. Got to prove I am human some how you know.

    …rog [aka ice dog hans]

  2. I really like the light and energy in this painting.

  3. Hi Rog. Thought you may want to know that however you replied to my comment came through as spam. Don’t know what that’s about. Mobile?

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