Moonlit Concerto, o’er Sud Fork O’ Bridge Creek.

“Bowan Mountain, North Cascades NP”, 12×16 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 23jul09, Choate8 palette.

This painting was done entirely alla prima, as usual. It was painted on a borrowed canvas, using borrowed paint, medium, brushes, knife, and towels. Thanks Ellen, Fred, & Craig for letting me borrow your stuff.

Whilst completing this painting I was listening to a concerto in the moonlight.

bowan mountain north cascades national park


4 Responses to “Moonlit Concerto, o’er Sud Fork O’ Bridge Creek.”

  1. This is gorgeous, Rog. It’s different. It’s light and dark and I could look at it and never loose interest. Music while you paint befriends you.

  2. Leslie,

    Thank-you… those who have seen it who know my style tell me it is my best yet… So I guess I am happy with it; especially since it offers people the opportunity for eventual meditation. However, in the words of another mentor of mine, namely Will Nelson [Boise’s best illustrator], I can do better. This Painting will be alongside several other newer paintings in the upcoming show in Initial Point Gallery, in the city hall of Meridian, Idaho. Starting July 24th. Reception is Wednesday the 29th.


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