Rocheport Point, Missouri River (aft William O’Donnell)


“Rocheport Point, Missouri River (aft William O’Donnell)”, 14×11 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 27jul09, XE pallete.

This painting marks the last of a series of paintings, that have been purpously compositionally conservative. I have been painting in this manner, based on the advice of my mentor, Fred Choate. Now he is advising me to open up the creative floodgate. Only time will tell on how I take this.

XE Pallete
Cool blue = french Ultramarine Blue (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm blue = viridian hue (winton)
Cool yellow = cad lemon (winton)
Warm yellow = cad yellow medium hue (grumbacher academy)
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = quinacridone violet (graham)
sketch = raw umber (graham) + yellow ochre (winton)
White = titanium white (fragonard)

Another note is I have switched back to my normal Walnut Alkyd Medium for painting.  For the last six months have been experimenting with different gels.  My favorite being Galkyd, and my second favorite is Liquin Lite [Wingel].  Others I have used included Liquin, Liquin Impasto, and Res-N-Gel.  For now, if I ever use a gel, it will be Galkyd.  It seems to cause the least respitory problems.


2 Responses to “Rocheport Point, Missouri River (aft William O’Donnell)”

  1. I love the light that is appearing in a lot of your paintings right now. The purpley-blue against that foreground green is beautiful. I want to be there.

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