Posters are on the Poles…

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.  Downtown for events they would hire poster men, who would staple and tape colored posters to anything that stands; including telephone poles.  If I did this recently, it would have been this poster below.  But I don’t want to get a massive littering ticket, so I did not.

Initial Point Poster, final B&W, for press release5

Oh did I mention?  We hung our latest art show last week, and had our opening reception this week.  All without a hitch, due to the helpfulness of the people of Meridian and several members of the Idaho Painter’s Guild.

If you live in the Boise – Meridian – Nampa – Caldwell Metropolitan area, or you are just visiting; feel free to visit the gallery — it is free.  For more information on the show, and the venue, please visit the Idaho Painter’s Guild website.  For more information on my portion of the show, please visit 2009 Initial Point.


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