Studio Number Two…

I have mentioned that I would like to get a dual-sport motorcycle for traveling remote dirt roads of Idaho cheaply. Well, about three months ago and 2500 miles ago I purchased one. The new BMW G650 GS. It now has panniers, so I can travel light into the dark void of creativity, outdoors. BMW at Meridian City Hall BMW garaged Now with all spiritual things, it is important to be blessed. However, since I have some ignorance in such matters, I did not seek it. But I did visit my local pub / restaurant / hangout for a brew. Once the food, the talk, and the fermentation got me feeling it is ok to go home; I walked outside, and low and behold. A pair of cute women had blessed my motorcycle with kisses and balloons. The kisses were on the mirrors which I am showing below; and on other parts which I will not show. The balloons were tied all over, and the men I was with gladly popped and removed them for me before my ride. Regardless, my motorcycle has now been blessed. Kissed cycle 1 Kisses at night. Kissed cycle 2 and kisses in the garage [below] Kissed cycle 3 Kissed cycle 4

In retrospect, if anyone asks you, “Is Rog a plein air artist?” I would hope that you could answer, not really; he is an outdoor painter. That implies the oneness with the secondary in many man’s thought, the outdoors. Which is good, for it is good to meditate on that which is created. Motorcycling helps in that regards. So I thank God for my cycle; for now it is blessed.

I also would like to thank the people in the following places…Kansas City, London, Seattle, Portland OR, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Boise, Tucson, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Tampa, Nashville, and Durham NC. I appreciate your support.


2 Responses to “Studio Number Two…”

  1. Daniel Costa Says:


    Nice bike, on january it’ll be fabricated here in Brasil, the first time a bmw motorcycle will be produced outside Germany!!!

    I’m starting to save some money to mine at the end of 2010, beaultifull bike.


  2. Great news. This means that BMW is serious about it for the long term. Maybe I should move down there and help the movement…. ha.

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