A Beautiful Mind…

Belle View

“Belle View”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 25aug09, triple primary palette.

When painting this, I thought not of Bellevue, Idaho; but of Belleville, Wisconsin.  Yes, this small chapel along the riverfed pond is more likely an Idaho scene; and this stream could have been the big wood river.  The Sugar River flows into Belleville’s lake via a menagerie type delta.  My father Vic, Scott my brother, and I got lost in the menagerie once on our canoe.  Which answers the question, can you ever get lost if everything is downstream?  Regardless, when we finally got to Belleville, we were relieved.

By the way, did you know the pastor in this chapel, has his light on.  He is praying.  He has “a beautiful mind”.

It is fitting for, Belleville means “Beautiful Village”.

So, here is to you, wishing you have a beautiful view, in your mind.  Happy Octoberfest Recovery time!


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Mind…”

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