Hills Where Bluegrass Plays…

Homestead Near Bogus

“Homestead Near Bogus”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 1sep09, triple-primary palette.

Up on buttes and hills overlooking the city of Boise, people live.  Their land is only accessible by dirt roads.  It is Bogus is a place.  For they also overlook a basin on the other side… called Bogus Basin.  A name based on the fools who mined for gold to find only fools gold in that area.  The snow will fall anytime there this time of year.  This painting depicts some of the early snow that will fall soon.  We need snow now.  For soon the ski resort up there, called Bogus Basin would like to open.

However, in summer, the place sometimes hosts a blue grass festival.   Once I was able to “party” all night with the likes of David Grisman and the old man on the fiddle himself… Vassar Clements.  It was a blast, and so will be the skiing this year.


2 Responses to “Hills Where Bluegrass Plays…”

  1. I like the “homey-ness” of this one, Rog. The light on the snow in the foreground is a plus.

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