Hypothermia Means Winter is Coming…

McGowan Esque

“McGowan Esque”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7sep09, triple primary palette.

Well winter is coming.  This is a studio painting.  Reason being, when I traveled to Redfish Lake to visit plein air painting friends around labor day weekend I was freezing when I got there.  At 9pm on the top of Banner Summit [7200 foot pass] on the way to Stanley, Idaho, I decided to stop my motorcycle cause I thought I might be getting cold.  Within 2 minutes I was shaking miserably.  I drank some water and ate some gardetto’s snacks and crackers.  Then jumped back on the bike because I was worried about the packs of wolves at that locale [we have Too Many Wolves in Idaho now].   Sure the air temperature probably was around 40 degrees, but I was not wearing real warm clothing, i.e. a sweatshirt and an “air-thru” motorcycle jacket does not cut it at 70 mph.  Once I limped on into the Redfish Lake Lodge the fellow painters were a little concerned about my continuous shaking.  Well I was freezing man.  Deanna Schrell, an avid plein air painter, and skier knew just what to do.  She took up to her cabin, plopped me on the radiator and turned it on full.  Within 5 minutes I was no longer shaking. Thank-you Deanna.  I owe you.

Needless to say, I was too tired to paint the next morning.  So I ate with Ellen Garrard and drove the 150 miles home so I could get back to work.  So this painting is about the feeling of the Sawtooth Mountains.


2 Responses to “Hypothermia Means Winter is Coming…”

  1. Rog,

    Not that I am happy about your freezing and discomfort, friend, but that painting is a stunner! Absolutely one of my favorites of yours.

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