Hard Freeze…

You would think that someone using the moniker “Ice Dog Hans” would know the cold.  Well what I know is finally Idaho is being pacified.  The Hard Freeze that has occurred in the mountains will put most of the flys to sleep finally.  They can be very bothersome until then, especially in the month of September.  I just hope we finally get a hard freeze in the valley where I live, then I can live without those pesky flys.  At that time Idaho will truly be pacified.  Until then this painting will suffice.

Pacification of Idaho

“Pacification of Idaho”, 14×18 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 6oct09, Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette.

This is intended to be a companion piece to the painting I did in the spring called “Pacification of Virginia”.  Let’s hope we all “chill out” soon with the coming winter.

Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette [Shiva brand paints, unless noted]

cool blue = ultramarine blue
warm blue = Viridian [hue]
earth blue = asphaltum
earth yellow = green-gold …… used as the undertone!
cool yellow = cad yellow pale
warm yellow = cad yellow medium
earth red = venetian red [fragonard]
warm red = cad red pale [hue]
cool red = shiva crimson
white = Titanium Alkyd Resin White [graham]


8 Responses to “Hard Freeze…”

  1. Love the warm colors on the snow that you’ve created in this one as well as on the one side of the trees to the left. The composition is so strong with the inclusion of the sun. Love it!.

    • great… i guess… i did not paint the moon very well then.

      • Hey Rog…….Does it matter? I actually had to think but saw the light tone to the sky and many times here in Indiana the sun looks like that in the winter late in the day. Regardless of whether it’s a sun or moon it is a great painting!

      • Leslie, for you no. For me yes… I learn something new every day. The composition in Idaho is definitely a moonlight situation at a high elevation of around 7 to 8 thousand feet. However, since Indiana is below 1000 feet of sea level in most places I believe it could look as you describe. The sun in Idaho at that elevation is so very bright it blinds you. Plus, the full moon at that elevation provides sufficient light to see at night because of the lesser atmosphere. It is a moon in my interpretation because the background sky is a typical post sunset or pre dawn situation… In Idaho the moon changes what you see in the painting [if you are at a high elevation] to the “low” sunlight equivalence. It really is quite beautiful when you witness it.

  2. Thank-you, Rog. That is so interesting. Makes this painting even more beautiful. I hope you know I meant no harm by my midwestern take on your beautiful painting.

    • No harm. Being from Wisconsin, the sunsets-sunrises sure are different here in Idaho. The most significant is how I see the moon up here, especially at high elevation. I am glad we both realize this, I obviously forgot it.

  3. Hi Rog!

    I actually gasped, when I opened this. It’s breathtaking! Moon, sun, it really doesn’t matter because it’s the mood and the powerful presence in this painting that grabbed me. I really love the pinks a lot, too. Beautiful!!

    There is something completely different about the skies in Idaho, for sure. It must be the lesser atmosphere, as you say. It’s definitely not an Oklahoma sky.

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